The stars and astrology may have the funny answer to love

Just for fun, your love style in astrology is not determined by your sun sign.

So if you were born on the 14th of February of 1980, your sun sign is Aquarius. However, how you express love can be different and in this case corresponds to the sign of Aries. This is called your venus sign, in this case, venus in Aries.

Find out your love style by going to the table within the link below and finding out where the venus sign has “entered” at the time of your birthday:

Once you have identified your venus sign, scroll to the end of the venus sign table to click on “Venus in the Signs here.” This will give you access to a description of your venus sign and its associated love style.

Venus in Aries to Venus in Virgo descriptions:

Venus in Libra to Venus in Pisces descriptions: