Top 5 recommendations on love for my daughter

“Dear daughter,
Here are my top five recommendations on love for you.
1. Love yourself more than anything and anyone else

  • You need to develop yourself, push boundaries, and grow as a woman.
  • Don’t let anyone put you down nor allow anyone to treat you differently because you are a woman.
  • No one should be able to have you. Only you can have yourself and may allow others to join you in your life journey.

2. Independence should be your mantra

  • Depend only on you and your talents.
  • Allow a man to treat you well only if it’s an act of gentlemanly kindness and a genuine act of appreciation towards you without any expectations.
  • Don’t be with a man that can’t accept, is afraid of, and puts himself down due to your success.

3. Respect is not negotiable.

  • If a man can’t respect you show him the door.
  • Test men. Always do. You will know more about him depending on how he reacts.
  • Be suspicious of a man that can’t respect himself and will allow you to walk over him.

4. Heartbreak is part of life

  • Not all relationships will be perfect. That is a fact of life.
  • You will have the opportunity to become a stronger woman and learn from experience.
  • A heartbreak can be hard but it will eventually allow you to open your heart to someone much better for you that can bring new zest to your life.

5. Identify your ideal man

  • You need to decide what role each man plays in your life.
  • What you think your ideal man should be like might be different to who in fact might be your ideal man. Keep an open mind and challenge the assumptions you have built about men across your life.
  • Write down the top 10 values your man should have. Then cut the list to the top 5 values. Then the top 3 values.

You are on a good start with these top 5. Daddy is here to help you and will never let you down. Daddy is ready to kick ass as and when needed!