Chapter 2

Our method

For those of you requiring more dedicated services, we are a matchmaking agency using human behaviour, the alchemy of attraction, and the science of love to help you find someone with which you will have a better chance of igniting a longer lasting fire.

Love4You will be your dating agency making dating Luxembourg singles easier.

  • Once you contact us through the online form or by phone and after having had initial contact with you, we will review your request to become a member.
  • Upon approval of your membership request we arrange our initial face to face meeting in which we will create your profile.
  • The member completes all relevant assessments after the initial meeting.
  • We make a personal assessment and guide you to find a partner with which you may have greater complicity.
  • Once we are confident of potential compatibility we introduce you to the person’s confidential profile.
  • If both partners agree to meet we arrange a date at a pre-agreed place.
  • Then it’s up to both to share personal contact details.

We use several tools to understand your preferences in love.

  • You will become more aware of the kind of partner you are most likely to enjoy longer term relationships with.
  • We will help you to understand different communication styles and why you may better connect with some partners than others. You will gain valuable insights on how partners appreciate each other differently and on how partners form solid bonds.